I'm not bitter about the flight back home ---- I feel LOVE! --- @RAMUNDBERGET - sweden

   Photographer: Björn Arnemo
           1feb 2014

 First I want to say! I would really do prefer to write in Swedish, because; my humor just dissapear somewhere when im losting words.  BUT! With great love to as big population of mankind, as possible. I also spreding joy through several linguistic misunderstandings.Who cares!? At least not my friends. :) So then I don´t care either. Haha! LOVE TO THE UNIVERSE!
The reason for the flight from the great Austrian Alps to my loved mountains of Härjedalen. Was that my loved fellow Björn Arnemo will shoot the new catalog for the ski-resort Ramundberget. They wants something different for next years marketing, and I´m in this moment sure, that Björn will be able to deliver that! 

Photos below, taken by Erik Westberg

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