ALAGNA in ITALY, I love it!

I must say spending 8 days in Alagna was like recovery for the soul
I have a new insight. All ski resorts have really its pros and cons.

 Arlberg  Is the area we live in this year.  And it´s quite damn good. Endless amounts of rides and lovely friends / racers.
Service-minded attitude among people who work in the area is approximately equal to zero (as I look at it now) and it has made me almost sad, because we needed help with some practical things, before we went out and traveled.
My belive is that older ski resort with a long tradition, they do not need to take care of each new "temporary visitor", there will always be new once. Above all, the Arlberg is population tired of Swedes. That´s sad...


Monte Rosa / Alagna. 
Arriving in Alagna felt as a real recovery. Christmas time.. acctually became mutch better then we ever could have thought. Many thanks to the great friend Anna Ekholm (working in Alagna for X-travel). All Italien people we met the first days, they just loved her and us to I think. Not the biggest resort, but the attitude.. Wow, felt almost as good as in Canada. :)
We also couldn´t complain about the snowfall, food mountains or the larch wood.

Our biggest misstake was done on a down day. Me and Björn was just suppused to go for one run in the afternoon. Just to get some fresh air. But in some how we got inspired of a mountain ended up at a place where we had to walk. And suddently we had missed the last cabin from the Gressoney to Alagna. We also had made a really big misstake... Both of us had forgotten the wallet at home. So without money we where stranded in Gressoney. I was crying like a child. Really lait in the evening, around 23 Anna arrieved with our car. Nearly a seven, or maybe eight hours trip, driving back and forth.

Now we are here, arrived last night. So many great friends, feels like home. Had a enormously good day of skiing today. But any way I feel the Arlberg is great for this year. Really need new inspiration of new mountains a terrain.


Have a lovely one!
Soon it starts all over, with a new year!
 / L

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