NEW ZEALAND -we are finally here! And you look beautiful!

Late Thursday night , we arrived here in Wanaka , New Zealand .
 After a very long flight and drive ,
 which felt not that long because 
Björn is telling funny (but stupied) stories , 
plays that he is a pirate and singing loudly to otur favorit music...  
 It took us all day to drive Christchurch- Wanaka, 
had to stop here, and there, here and there! 
Woke up like 5 o' clock this morning, felt really prepared for start this new winter season. And on monday my Freeride comp starts in The Remarkables. Feels sooo great!!!

The only place I know, more beautiful then this is ofcourse Fränsta (my home). :) Tomorrow the plane is to meet up with some Norweigan friends. And on monday/tuseday it will be funny for real.

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