On my MTB tonight: "why no one wants to stay here?"

Thoughts from my bike tonight: Wow, I really love this place where I grew up! 

At the moment I´ve started a period off really hard workouts. Now It´s time to build muscle for the competitions in the 2014 season. I´ve just ended a period of rehab training after a small, small knee injury that I got up in Riksgränsen at Haglöfs Scandinavian Big Mountain Championship. So today I was so happy when I could implement all my exercises at the gym. And now in the evening I wasn´t less happy when I ride the bike in the beautiful sunset light here in in the valley of the river Ljungan (Fränsta).


In my head, this valley so beautiful that I get teary-eyed. My grandmother once said that this is our homeland, beautiful as it can get, but unfortunately we are the only ones that can see it. Why else, lives all others in Stockholm? :) 
She was just kidding. Or was she? Are we really the only ones?

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