Winter season can soon see it´s end, but still...

                             Klas                                          Per
                  ..still there is some good hikes and runs to do here in Engelberg
hike to                           the Knife                        Wendelucke
yesterday, old man Klas showed me and Björn, how to do it

 later on me and Björn found nice snow in Steinberg

and also in Stand - Trübsee, 
Björn wanted me to ski faster, so ok let´s go FASTER!

and we ended yesterday with my favorit run in Galtiberg
haglöfs VOJD ABS backpack

 the glacier Galti, ends down here in beautiful, but dangerous Graben

This picture from today is really funny, at least for me to see, I just found myself screaming sutch nice sound effect when I saw the photogragher, and when I end up in the air, instead of turning on the groud.

So with this great pictures Im just saying, wow it´s april. The winter 2012/2013 is soon over. For me it all started in late october, and it ends now up in Riksgränsen during the Scandinavian Bigmountain Championship 14-17 of may. Ever since I was little girl, this part of the year feels sadly. I really don´t want to say good bye to the dark nights, the cold temperature, the light snow and the friends Im skiing with during wintertime... But no sad lip, yet... Still there is more then one month to go, Engelberg, Funäsdalen, Romsdalen (Norway) and then nearly two week in Riksgränsen.

Keep smiling! :) /L  

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