The Training Continues with freeride comp, RAMUNDBERGET/ SKARVARNA. Photo:Anders Robertsson

What a group of freeriders! 

A friend of mine just called and thanked me for bringing the best the girls togheter in the swedish mountains. I just says it once again, that this project was just sutch a nice pleasure for me. Because I have get known so many new faces, great skiiers and personalitys, and I have learned so mutch. So thanks to all my new friends and our sponsors.

This beatiuful pictures (taken by photographer Anders Robertsson), is just showing how the freeride mountains should looks like. Women in dominance! :) haha!  

 On saturday the competition was held on Skarvarna. On start it was just really, really great atmopher. 25girls and 7boys, the day ended down in vally of Funäsdalen. At the pub named Villan 1951. The crowed saw the comp movie of the day and woted for the winner.

The female winner of "Härjedals Mästerskapet i Brattåkning", Martina Larsson!

Photographer: Anders Robertsson

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