1st day of Training 2013, RAMUNBERGET Photos: Anders Robertsson

Wow yesterday, 15 girls arrived Ramundberget and my training camp for girls who are competing in freeride. Early yesterday morning I felt a bit stressed, cause I really want to give this great skiiers a good weekend with good training. But now everything feels just great, because the group of girls that arrivede are just great. We are having sutch great time! Tonight we will be 20 girls i total, tho 5 girls from Åre is arriving. Tomorrow morning we´ll set of for the competition "Härjedalsmästerskapet i Brattåkning", there will be 25girls on the starting line, THAT IS AWSOME! :)

All riders recived pressents from Haglöfs and Dr Zipe. 
On Annas birthday... haha! Happy birthday Anna ! :)

 The day ended with a really intressting and tough workout 
with Annika Stark. Afterward me and all girls said, wow Annika was great. She really knows about good workout training and we had sutch nice disscussions.

Thx to everyone!

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