The long story of HAGLÖFS photo/film shoot

One "good" day in Italy

22bags 6 skibags, ok let´s skip Italy, Switzerland and France,
 Norway seems better, let´s go there!

Bjarne laying low.Tom Erik is shredding

Per, Johanna, talking, laughing, hiking :)
This trip has been amazing, or acctually IS amazing. Because Im acctually still travelling. :) My main task during this week of work has been to skii infront of camera and produce a 20sec, Haglöfs/XXL commercial video, for the Norweigan television. It might sounds like a easy job to do, but 20sec of movie is lot, lot of working hours. Early mornings, late nights many hours of hiking up hill. But Norway gave us great conditions and BEST OF IT ALL is the people of Haglöfs, I mean allready miss you guys:  Project leader:Anna Nyberg, Marketing team-leader: Fredrik Kjellberg, Photographer: Hasse Johansson, Filmmaker: Bjarne Salen and skiiers: Asbjørn Eggebø Ness, Johanna Tiensuu Stålnacke, Ulrika Asp, Morgan Salen, Per Jonsson & Tom-Erik Heimen.  
MeFredrik waiting

The last light of the day. Fredrik, Tom Erik ready to ski down

Fredrik, Tom Erik, Bjarne t
this hike gave us 7sec really of really nice film material.

Me and Johannas window view, in my heart I really love Åndalsnä

A new day of hiking, and this day (saturday 9mar), we produced our last film clip for the commercial movie. So when it was done,I hurried away to Hasse. Because it was a big need of more skiing pictures of a girl. So on saturday afternoon and the hole sunday I was running in nice stress, up and skied down the hills. And I belive it went very well. :)
MeTom Erik. photo: Bjarne

photo: Tom Erik

 skiier: Me   photo: Bjarne 

photo:Anna                                                                                                         photo: Tom Erik
photo: Johanna

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